Limonaia La Malora

The lemon garden (“Limonaia”) La Malora is located in Gargnano, on the western coast of Lake Garda. It is an old structure dating back to the sixteenth century and is used for the cultivation of lemons. It is unique in its kind: unlike the surrounding lemon gardens, now mostly abandoned or re-deployed as homes, La Malora is still a productive limonaia, perfectly preserved and available for visits. This is thanks to the commitment and passion of the owner Giuseppe Gandossi and his son Fabio.

We want to offer everyone the opportunity to discover these beautiful structures, a symbol of local history as well as of the tenacity and ingenuity of our ancestors, through guided tours that can be tailored to the specific needs of each group of guests. In addition, for schools, we offer recreational and scientific activities where, for instance, pupils can directly experience the link between water and the lemon garden or can be involved in moments of reflection and listening through the reading of fables.

Such visits can be organized at any time of year. During the winter season (between November and March) the lemon garden becomes a greenhouse, covered by wooden boards and windows to protect the plants from the cold. This is without a doubt a good time for a visit, with the limonaia fully showing its full essence!

For any additional information, please contact Fabio Gandossi who, besides taking care of the garden and the lemon trees, is the organizer of the visits and the activities taking place in the limonaia.